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  • 30 Day Full access trial (no credit card required)
    FREE set-up assistance
    No user/staff limit
  • Drag 'n' drop calendar events
  • Display your business workload with easy colour coded events
  • Create intraday appointments (start/stop times)
  • Map any custom WFM fields to Calendar event fields to push more info to your staff on-site
  • Edit and reschedule your Jobs and Tasks from Google Calendar
  • Change staff, description & sync in near real-time with your WorkflowMax account
  • Runs in your Google Apps for Work domain and syncs periodically, no data leaves your control
  • Works on any device, use any calendar app you like to edit your Jobs when away from the office
  • Edit and reschedule your Jobs and Tasks from Google Calendar

Using the power and reliability of Google Sheets connect to your WorkflowMax account to your Google for Work service. Setup is simple and all your data syncs securely between WorkflowMax and your Google Apps for Work domain.

IMPORTANT: Please request your API and Account keys from WorkflowMax support first as these are needed to sync your accounts.

INFORMATIONAL: Using a new G Suite or consumer account is limited. You can still use this but contact support to get assistance with setting this up correctly in these instances.